Features of marine aquarium
Marine aquarium is a rather unusual object in the interior today. Such exotic, beautiful and colourful fish, invertebrates, reefs and algae can not be found in a freshwater artificial pond.…

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How dangerous is the bite of black sea jellyfish
Agree that jellyfish tend by his presence to spoil the rest. In the midst of the holiday season "Saturday edition" decided to investigate: is it safe for black sea jellyfish…

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Catching predatory fish on live bait
Catching predatory fish on live bait can produce good results with proper selection and storage of this bait. The bait fish are small fish that do not have commercial value,…

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Crimean fisheries

The Sevastopol marine aquarium – the oldest in Europe

The Sevastopol marine aquarium Museum, founded in 1897, is one of the oldest marine aquarium in the world and the oldest in Europe. Over the years it was visited by millions of people from all over the world.

In the exposition of the aquarium is the whole World ocean in miniature. For underwater inhabitants here the most suitable living conditions, it is possible to build in an artificial environment.

The exhibition takes up four halls with a total area of about 720 m2 and includes 2 large outdoor pools: one (sea water capacity of 150 tons) — Central hall, second (freshwater with a volume of approximately 20 tons) — in the lower hall.

The aquarium gives a glimpse into the exciting and challenging life of the Kingdom of Neptune. Currently there are more than 180 species of animals: invertebrates (sea anemones, sea urchins, arthropods, sea stars), sea and tropical fish, and always the mesmerizing sight of the reptiles (turtles, snakes, lizards and crocodile). Showcases the first hall is a unique collection of brightly coloured tropical fish and marine invertebrates, including wrasses, starfish and urchins, spiny lobsters and shrimp, clown fish. There is also a collection of corals, mollusks and other invertebrates collected in the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

In the basin of the Central hall live comiclopedia black sea fish — Beluga, sturgeon, stingrays, mullet and croakers. In wall aquariums black sea section, the amount of 3-7 tons, at any time of the year you can see the valuable commercial fish of the Black sea: horse mackerel, bluefish, mullet, goby, flounder-Kalkan, and many others. Bamboo sharks and unusual guitar rays, poisonous lionfish, fish-surgeons, painted triggerfish and remoras, eels and fish-dogs — inhabitants of the tropical section of the second hall.

In the third room live crocodile Caiman deceptively calm, good-natured sea turtles: the loggerhead turtle and green turtle or soup, as well as insidious soft-shelled turtle Nile TrioniX.

The fourth hall is dedicated to the most exotic and interesting tropical fish and reptiles. Unchanged interest predatory arapaima a huge, harmless black PACU, belonging to the family peranovic. Here in the most beautiful aquarium home to predatory Aravan, called the dragon of the Amazon, the unusual shape of fish-knives and dangerous Amazonian freshwater stingrays.

An amazing collection of marine and freshwater flora and fauna — all this is the results of long hours of professional biologists and Amateur enthusiasts.

The exposition of the Sevastopol aquarium every year updated with new freshwater and marine life. You can spend hours wandering the halls of the Aquarium, being under the impression that you’re making a real underwater walk. With the huge public aquariums mysteries of the underwater world can be explored, without sinking to the seabed. The main objective of the creators of aquaria is to show how important every living being in this world and to underscore the point that people are responsible for the safety of nature

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