Fishing with a Soul
Diseases of fish - GENERAL QUESTIONS Fish diseases are caused by many biological and abiotic factors environmental factors. These include viruses, bacteria, algae, fungi, helminths, crustaceans, toxic substances, disturbance of…

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Living gift: beautiful aquarium fish - selecting the gifts for each day
Every child dreams of Pets: someone's kitten someone about a puppy or a parrot. But the conditions of modern city apartments don't always allow you to purchase live Pets. Quite…

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Sharks of the black sea abstract
Greenland shark polar, or polar milogolova shark, or Atlantic polar shark (lat. Somniosus. For the most advanced technology. Encyclopedia. The material for the essay. Dangerous animals of the black sea.).…

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The inhabitants of the Mediterranean sea – Russian doctor in Mallorca Dra Natalya Nagorskikh


On the body of most jellyfish have stinging cells – nematocide that produce venom with which the Medusa protected from enemies and prey. Nematocyte contain the smallest intracellular structures – the nematocysts, which are capsules with swirling it in the form of a spiral hollow filament. When you touch the jellyfish, they operate on the principle of the harpoon – shoot, are fixed to the skin and inject subtle channel in the body of the victim the poison of neuroparalytic action.

What to do after contact with a jellyfish?

1. As soon as possible to get out of the water, it is not recommended to continue to swim when severe pain .

2. Carefully inspect the affected skin area. Carefully remove the skin from the leftover fabric from the jellyfish stinging cells plastic card, using the blunt side of a knife, nail files, etc.

3. Flush burn saline (sea) water. In any case, do not use fresh as it can activate the stinging cells that have not been destroyed. For the same reason, do not RUB the bite.

4. If You don’t know for sure what kind of jellyfish has caused the burn, it is not recommended to treat the burn of rastvoronasosa or baking soda.To aggravate the situation, as different jellyfish have different reactions to alkaline and acid environment.

5. Protect the burn from the direct sunlight, using a clean handkerchief (or gauze if you have it).

Rendered possible after first aid is mandatory, without delay contact your doctor. Even if you feel better and no usual symptoms of negative impacts from the jellyfish sting (swelling, rash, itching, fever, convulsions), don’t be afraid to get expert advice.

In rare cases, intoxication may occur within 2-3 days and the doctors will be harder to determine adequate treatment. It may help the doctor describe the jellyfish that stung you, so try to remember its appearance and color.

If you take care of your health insurance . all medical procedures free.

Sea urchins

Needles of the sea urchin quite sharp and yet delicate. They easily pierce vstupny or palm, penetrating under the skin, and then just as easily break off. To remove the broken-off ends of the spikes is quite difficult and the affected area can become infected because the needle is usually covered with mucus which contains bacteria causing the infection. You should rinse the affected area with salt or fresh water and try to remove from the wound all foreign particles (debris needles and pedicellaria ) using pins and tweezers. Better to do it immediately, while the skin is still damp. Then the wound should be treated with antiseptic (hydrogen peroxide or iodine). It is believed, also, that the poison of sea urchins disintegrates under the influence of heat. Therefore, you can omit the affected limb in hot (how can tolerate the body of) water.

If you follow basic safety rules, sea urchins will not do harm. Therefore, in the habitats of hedgehogs it is best to go into the water in rubber Slippers.

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