The Sevastopol marine aquarium – the oldest in Europe
The Sevastopol marine aquarium Museum, founded in 1897, is one of the oldest marine aquarium in the world and the oldest in Europe. Over the years it was visited by…

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Fish in the sea as bait
Live fish are the perfect bait for the obvious reason that they (as representatives of other forms of marine fauna), such as crustaceans and mollusks) are a natural food for…

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Crimean fisheries
The Sevastopol marine aquarium – the oldest in Europe The Sevastopol marine aquarium Museum, founded in 1897, is one of the oldest marine aquarium in the world and the oldest…

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Features of marine aquarium

Marine aquarium is a rather unusual object in the interior today. Such exotic, beautiful and colourful fish, invertebrates, reefs and algae can not be found in a freshwater artificial pond. However, the content of the aquarium is much more expensive and the care is very thorough. To death of the inhabitants can bring even the slightest change in environment conditions.

Also of great importance is the volume of the aquarium – the larger the capacity, the more beautiful and looks more realistic underwater world is created, more stable parameters of the environment, more diverse residents. Aquariums, ordered on this site meet all the requirements of the marine aquarium.

Approximate calculations of population density artificial sea – about 5 cm long fish in 18-20 l of water. This includes invertebrates, soil, living corals (about 2.5–3 kg in 15 liters of water) – now it becomes clear why the marine topics, volumes from 150-200 L.

There are several categories of marine aquariums, which are separated depending on species, complexity of content, design.

• A pond for small fish that get along well together. This is one of the simple and quite available categories. You can pick up fish of all colors of the rainbow, which will always please you with the brightness.

• Aquarium for large predators. Ideal for those who like to watch predatory grace,calmness and dignity predators.

• Home sea mixed type. This coupling of reef fish and directions. Preferred living stones, advanced water filter. Perfect for those who like the great diversity of the underwater world.

• Reef. The aquarium, which recreates a coral reef. It is not only very beautiful but also the most difficult category. Populated by living corals and various invertebrates. Large fish usually not, because it greatly pollutes the environment, eats small creatures. A great alternative are considered small, beautiful species, which naturally live in the midst of the coral.

What are the differences between fresh water and marine aquarium?

Marine aquariums are extremely sensitive to the slightest changes in the environment. The data you need for a comfortable stay in a small sea is the salinity, density and pH.

Invertebrates and marine fish are very sensitive to changes in pH, which must not be lower than 8.0.

The fish is pretty neutral to the factor levels of nitrite, however, all invertebrates prefer settings around 20ppm.

Density and salinity. Many people mistakenly believe that this is the same concept. Salinity describes how much salt is present in the aquarium. Salinity is not temperature dependent in contrast to the density. The normal density should be about 1.022. All the inhabitants are quite successfully used to the normal density, if it is not changed often.

And, of course, temperature. Differences in water temperature between sea and freshwater aquariums. The optimal number is 25 C. If there are abrupt fluctuations of temperature, fish can get stress and start to hurt!

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