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How many teeth does a shark?

The most terrible weapons of the shark is its teeth. Although there are species of sharks, such as basking sharks, which do not have teeth. While tiger and white sharks-hunters. They are characterized by large triangular teeth. Their edges are jagged, which increases the force of the bite. To the victim are unable to escape from jaws, shark teeth directed inward. They grow in straight rows and are constantly updated. The number of teeth of the same number sometimes reaches thousands. Shark teeth are arranged on the upper and lower jaws. They have a conical shape. Origin shark teeth are evoljutsionirovanii placoid scales. Depending on shark species, their jaws are different. For example, bottom-dwelling shark of smooth hundreds of little teeth. In their diet is usually present protected by a hard shell food.

Sharp teeth is inherent in the pelagic shark species. They easily penetrate the flesh of the victim. So noyabrskii the tiger shark teeth are designed for tearing meat of large prey. And those sharks that feed on plankton, have a rudimentary small teeth.

The growth of the teeth of sharks does not stop throughout life. Despite the fact that the teeth are in both jaws in several rows, the shark actively uses only the first series. While back teeth bent inward.

Different shark species tend to not have the same number of teeth. Since the number of teeth in a tiger shark less than a giant whale. The tiger analysisonline triangular teeth, which are located in 5-6 rows. The number of them there are about 280. When this whale shark with small smooth teeth, has them in her mouth about 7 thousand. The giant sharks are about 2 thousand teeth. This number of teeth is designed to let small prey could not escape.

Feature of shark is a very quick change of teeth. So about two weeks can change a number of teeth.

Giant whale sharks and huge. Their mouth contains many small teeth. These sharks do not approach the coast, and therefore can’t cause harm to humans.

Very dangerous predators are considered as tiger and white sharks. They lose the teeth during every hunt. The total number of teeth in the mouth depends on the shape of the tooth, ways of hunting and way of eating predator.

White sharks have a triangular teeth located on a broad basis in the jaw. Accordingly, in the series they will need much more space than, for example, needle-like teeth of the whale sharks. The white and tiger sharks around 300 sharp serrated teeth along the edges. They grow in five rows. Young great white sharks the first set of teeth completely changed once in three months. With older individuals of this species every eight months. The older the shark, the less there is a change of teeth.

Despite the huge number of teeth and quite a quick change, the shark not to lose them just like that. While hunting this predator latches onto the victim, making lateral head movements, and tries to tear off a piece as much as possible. Teeth at this time work like a saw. Not wanting to lose a few teeth, shark will pull production up or down.

Teeth need the shark throughout its life. Frequent change of teeth is due to the fact that the diet of this carnivore includes a large body of fish with scales, animals with strong bone and plenty of fat. To overcome large prey, having teeth “canning” design is no easy task. More than 400 million years into the evolution of all species of sharks. Today in the whole basin of the world ocean has the best design of teeth than these predators.

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