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Dangerous sea creatures
Hunters sand shark sometimes instead off the hook gray, or, as it is called by the Americans, brown shark (Carcharhinus milberti), which is larger in size than sand. Grey sharks…

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The correct playing of predatory fish

If the bite has already occurred and the fish on the hook is important not to lose the predator. For this you need to properly configure the tackle, and not to make mistakes during playing.

One of the main steps of setting up a spinning tackle for fishing predator is adjust the sensitivity of the clutch coil. It is important to strike a balance, if the goal of fishing is clear, and You know the object of hunting and about his size, it should not be. If the reservoir for the first time and You have no idea who of the representatives of predatory fish may attack the lure, then you should begin fishing with a medium-sensitive setting of the clutch, and as fishing to “adjust” it under the activity of one or another predator.

Usual weight for pike, Zander, Chub and ASP, that are most often found in the catches 1 to 2 kg Chub and ASP at vyvazhivanii resist a little stronger, like the other members of the carp family, but, compared to pike and pike perch, the catches are less common.

Loosening the clutch, not short jerks, when you lowered the arc of the coil, check what number the line is released to stop. If 4-7 cm then the setting can be considered completed if more or less (generally not free) – respectively tighten or release.

The clutch coil is placed on the top (upper/front) on the spool or from the bottom (bottom/rear). Top is considered more reliable, but less practical.If, say, You have not calculated with the proposed trophy and fishing line from the spool flies faster than the wound – the bottom locking mechanism can be lifted without problems, the top will be a problem. In this case, have one hand to hold the line on the form of spinning, the other is to loose the spool.

Coil Daiwa and Shimano from the top with the lower clutch

It is very important after the bites keep line tight. Why is it important? Pike has a tendency, after the attack of the lure to go in the direction of movement of the spinners, could it be inertia, and maybe it is a feature of hunting is unknown. But such behaviour is and agree on many fishermen. Then, it seems that the attack was unsuccessful, and the fisherman begins to slowly choose any slack from the line, continuing the wiring. And this weakening of the predator gives the freedom to maneuver.

Walleye and perch usually live in the snags, and after hooking it they will try there to hide, if it succeeds, then you will be left not only without a catch and without spinners.

The main thing when playing large predator not to rush to pull the fish to the surface, before lifting it from the depths of need to exhaust the opponent, because the strongest resistance to mining has on the surface. If it’s a pike of average size up to 3 kg. she will try to be freed from the hooks making a “candle”. This technique is described many times, not tired often helps the predator to get away from the fisherman. Therefore, before lifting to the surface a pike need to be whacked.

If the opponent is tired and you’re going to have it in the landing net or to pull to the side of the boat to take the hand or sabarich, it is important to check the angle of the fishing line against the fishing rod is not too sharp. The form of a spinning is not designed to load at an acute angle, and fish, final push can break the rod. This is particularly true when fishing from a boat when there is little space for the fisherman. Summing the fish to the boat spinning to take my hand to the side, and the other hand to have the net or miss the catch. (details about taking fish here )

I hope the helps, good fishing

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