Fishing with a Soul
Diseases of fish - GENERAL QUESTIONS Fish diseases are caused by many biological and abiotic factors environmental factors. These include viruses, bacteria, algae, fungi, helminths, crustaceans, toxic substances, disturbance of…

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The MOST dangerous fish in the world
Predators Of The Amazon Amazon – South American river, has a length of 6992,06 km Depth is about 50 m. the Area of the Amazon basin is about the same…

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Types of aquariums
Frameless aquariums are made of sheets of silicate or organic glass (plexiglass, acrylic glass). Their advantages: transparency, reliability and strength. Frame aquariums are manufactured using a metal frame. The advantage…

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All about fishing: Family Arabie

Members of the family Arievich are one of few kgs of fresh water left. It is usually large or medium-sized fish; the dorsal fin are short and tall, fat little. In the coastal waters of tropical seas Arabie objects small craft.

Ariely catfish (Arius heudelothi).

The dorsal and pectoral fins-dwelling ariid catfishes are armed with sharp, jagged spikes. The prick of these thorns are extremely painful and the wound then becomes swollen and inflamed. Therefore, the inhabitants of Guiana, caught on hook-dwelling ariid catfishes, primarily breaks off they have these spines.

Like most other catfish, areivim peculiar to the care of posterity. Many lay eggs in the nest-holes.

Male galeata (Galeichthys felis), bears spawn in the oral cavity.

Males galeite (Galeichthys felis) are carrying developing eggs in the mouth. Some species from this family again returned to fresh water and the lower reaches of rivers of Australia and Madagascar. Some Arabie (G. felis, Bagre marinus) can produce rather loud sounds. (Sound machine in this case, the locking mechanism of the spines of the dorsal and pectoral fins, arranged in a special way.) Reinforced by the resonance of the walls of the swim bladder, these sounds resemble shrill (the oscillation frequency of 2-4 thousand per second). Assume that these sounds serve as a guide for the formation of flocks at night.Living in Central America freshwater species Potamirus izabalensis, also hatching eggs in the mouth, produces sounds similar to quacking and growling.

Prijuoste a family of catfishes (Plotosidae)

The members of the second marine catfishes of the family – prijuoste catfish (Plotosus, etc.) is outwardly similar to the som. Body prehosted som torpedo-like, devoid of scales, the dorsal fin is short, with powerful thorn, anal, long, merging with tail and walks on the dorsal side of the body, forming a continuous rim around the rear part of the body. Only a wide head with a large mouth, surrounded by three or four pairs of whiskers, gives them som. I prehosted kgs there is a pineal opening in the skull. The second archaic sign is scattered in the skin is a peculiar tactile organs, the mucus is similar to the ampullae of Lorenzini, inscribed in sharks and rays. Pregolya catfishes distributed in the coastal waters of East Africa, Southeast Asia, Japan and Australia. Are they both in the Red sea. Like areivim, some species have moved to live in the rivers of Australia and Madagascar. Where Pregolya catfish are found in sufficient quantity, they foraged. If caught you should be wary of injections jagged spines of the dorsal and pectoral fins, as they are equipped with poisonous glands. The poison from the glands arises when som ‘ s bristling fins. Such a device is available and a number of other families comoving. A prick by a thorn eel-like catfish cause severe pain and prolonged inflammation.

Dangerous sea creatures
Hunters sand shark sometimes instead off the hook gray, or, as it is called by the Americans, brown shark (Carcharhinus milberti), which is larger in size than sand. Grey sharks…


The inhabitants of the Mediterranean sea - Russian doctor in Mallorca Dra Natalya Nagorskikh
Jellyfish On the body of most jellyfish have stinging cells – nematocide that produce venom with which the Medusa protected from enemies and prey. Nematocyte contain the smallest intracellular structures…